Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Euro 2012 Polish Survival Course Completed!


Fifteen football fans and Poland enthusiasts took part in a three-day intensive Polish course organised by the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies last week. The course covered a range of communicative situations, including ordering a meal and buying a train ticket, as well as offering an invaluable insight into the Polish culture. Here are a couple of phrases that might come in handy to those who missed the course:

Dzień dobry. (Hello)

Jak się Pan/Pani ma? (How are you?)

Nie, nie jestem Anglikiem. (No, I am not English)

Jestem z Irlandii. (I am from Ireland)

Kibicuję Irlandii. (I support Ireland)

Irlandia gola! (Go Ireland!)

Kochamy zielonych! (We love the boys in green!)

The course was followed by a raffle.

 One of the students with an official EURO 2012 mascot.

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