Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gingerbread feast

A cordial invitation to join us for some - famous and extremely tasty - gingerbread and a cup of tea tomorrow, Wed, 27th Jan, 6pm, in 5051.

Gorodetskie Pryaniki are handmade, beautifully decorated gingerbread pieces or loaves. The tradition of making pryaniki goes back as far as the 9th c., when they were sweetened with honey and berries, while spices began to be added in the 12-13th centuries. Festive pryaniki were made on specially carved wooden boards. Lots of traditions and sayings involve pryaniki, and today they are a very popular treat served with tea or coffee. Traditionally produced pryaniki, like those from Gorodets and Tula, are also given as souvernirs.

We have a beautifully decorated pryanik from Gorodets to share - so join us tomorrow.

Friday, 8 January 2016

New courses and Central and East European film club starting at the Department

Happy New Year to all our readers!

We are pleased to announce that we are now enrolling for several new language and lecture courses starting the week of 18th January.

- Bulgarian language
- Czech language
- Introduction to Polish Culture
- The Golden Sixties and the Czech New Wave in Film

Schedules and application forms can be found on our website; please address enquiries to the Departmental Secretary, Nadia Browne.

But that's not all. As a new initiative, we are calling on all you film buffs to join us for our brand-new 

 Central and Eastern European film club

We will have weekly screenings of subtitled films from several of the countries studied in the Department. 

22 January 2016 Djulgerov Georgy, “Авантаж” [Advantazh], 1977
29 January 2016 Gardev Yavor, “Дзифт” [Zift], 2008
5 February 2016 Ryazanov Eldar, «Жестокий романс» [A Cruel Romance], 1984
12 February 2016 Kalatozov Mikhail, «Летят журавли» [The Cranes are Flying], 1957
19 February 2016 Ivanda Branko, “Lea i Darija” [Lea and Darija], 2011
26 February 2016 Aćimović Dejan, “Moram Spavat’ Andjele” [I have to sleep, my angel], 2008
11 March 2016 Kieślowski Krzysztof, “White”, 1993
1 April 2016 Pasikowski Władysław, “Pokłosie” [Aftermath], 2012

All screenings will take place at 6:00 pm in Room 5051 (the Departmental Seminar room) in the Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin. Free admission.