Sunday, 13 September 2015

Start of new series of evening courses at the Department

The Department is about to start its new diet of evening courses during the academic year of 2015/16. We offer a large range of language courses in

- Russian (from Beginners to Advanced Plus)
- Polish (from Beginners to Advanced)
- Croatian (from Beginners to Advanced)
- Bulgarian (from Beginners to Advanced)

We will offer Czech again in January.

We also have a number of lecture courses. During the first semester (October-December 2015), we are running

- Cultural History of Soviet and Contemporary Russia: Censorship and Freedom
- Cultures of South-Eastern Europe

while the following are offered during the second semester (January-April 2016)

- Introduction to Polish Culture
- The Golden Sixties and the Czech New Wave in Film

The first semester courses start during the week of 5th October. To enrol (ideally by 23rd September) and for further information please go to our website or contact Nadia Browne.

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