Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dublin City Festival of Russian Culture

The 5th Dublin City Festival or Russian Culture kicks off today at 12 noon at the Hugh Lane Gallery with a concert of classical music. In the course of one week, you can sample Russian culture through a long line-up of events for all ages. The Festival concludes next Sunday, 2nd March, with the traditional Family Day.

The Department is involved with three events this year:
  • The now-traditional Quiz for transition-year students and Talk about living in Russia (Tue, 25th Feb, 1pm, Ilac centre library)
  • A Gala concert/poetry evening (Wed, 26th Feb, 7pm, Atrium, TCD)
  • Open Day at the Department, where we will showcase some of our activities (Fri, 28th Feb, 12 noon-3pm, Rm. 5051, Arts Building, TCD)
As part of the Open Day, the Head of Department will give a short introduction to the Department at 1pm, and we will give a guided tour of Trinity in Russian at 2pm, starting in the Department. Everyone welcome - drop by and put your name on the list!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Slavonic Offerings at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Find the complete schedule here.
This year's Central and East European offerings:

  • Fri, 14 Feb, 9pm, Lighthouse 3, "The Major", dir. Yuri Bykov (2013 Russia)
  • Sun, 16 Feb, 8.15pm, Lighthouse 1, "Ida", dir. Paweł Pawlikowski (2013 Poland)
  • Mon, 17 Feb, 4pm, Lighthouse 2, "Circles"/"Krugovi", dir. Srdan Golubović (2012 France/Serbia/Germany/Slovenia/Croatia)
  • Mon, 17 Feb, 9pm, Lighthouse 2, "Lasting"/"Nieulotne", dir. Jacek Borcuch (2012 Poland/Spain)
  • Tues, 18 Feb, 8.30pm, Lighthouse 1, "Life Feels Good"/"Chce się żyć", dir. Maciej Pieprzyca (2013 Poland)
  • Wed, 19 Feb, 6.15pm, Lighthouse 1, "Cannibal"/"Caníbal", dir. Manuel Martín Cuenca (2013 Spain/Romania/Russia/France)
  • Wed, 19 Feb, 8.45, Lighthouse 1, "The Congress", dir. Ari Folman (2013 Israel/Germany/Poland/Luxembourg/France/Belgium)
  • Fri, 21 Feb, 6.30pm, Lighthouse 1, "The Girl from the Wardrobe"/"Dziewczyna z szafy", dir. Bodo Kox (2013 Poland)
  • Fri, 21 Feb, 9pm, Cineworld 9, "The Zero Theorem", dir. Terry Gilliam (2013 UK/Romania/France)
  • Sat, 22 Feb, 1pm, Cineworld 8, "Dual"/"Dvojina", dir. Nejc Gazvoda (2013 Slovenia/Denmark/Croatia)
  • Sat, 22 Feb, 6pm, Lighthouse 3, "The Gambler"/"Losejas", dir. Ignas Jonynas (2013 Lithuania)
  • Sun, 23 Feb, 5pm, Lighthouse 1, "The Priest's Children"/"Svećenikova Djeca", dir Vinko Brešan (2013 Croatia)
  • Sun, 23 Feb, 5pm, Cineworld 8, "Roxanne", dir. Valentin Hotea (2013 Romania/Hungary)